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Identifying areas of nutrition where you need extra supplementation is a difficult task. Harder still is wading through the vast assortment of vitamins and minerals that claim to improve your health and well-being. Maybe you have a rough idea of where to start, but why leave anything to chance? Market America's Nutri-Physical® can help you choose the proper supplementation regimen based on your lifestyle. The results of your Nutri-Physical are based on an overall best fit derived from your answers to a comprehensive questionnaire that takes into account diet and exercise, family history personal habits and more. After analyzing your answers, you will receive an easily-read color-coded system that allows you to easily determine which products best fit your needs. Why is this important? Because by understanding your needs, you can choose the proper supplementation to help achieve optimal health. Your lifestyle choices and physical makeup play a large role in what you should be putting into your body. Let Market America and the NutriPhysical help.

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