nutraMetrix Custom Health Solutions

for Licensed Health Professionals

nutraMetrix is a customized wellness solution for health professionals. It allows health professionals to offer their patients science-based nutraceuticals, effective weight management programs and custom supplementation products to improve their patients’ overall health while creating cash revenue for the practice.

Changing the face of health care, one patient at a time.

Today’s health professionals are seeing more patients than ever. They’re also spending less time with them. That time is valuable not only to health professionals, but to their patients as well. Patients trust their health professionals to provide answers to some of the most important questions of their lives. Maybe they’re concerned about a family history of high blood pressure. Maybe they’ve struggled to lose weight and want to know what else they can do. Maybe they’re just curious about improving their health. No matter what their concern is, they want answers.

If patients are not getting answers about wellness products and services from health professionals, where are they getting this important information? From the internet, which has just as many unsubstantiated claims as it does true research? Or store clerks, who might be more interested in getting a sale than providing accurate information? Maybe they’re getting their answers from television or magazines, where they are bombarded with more marketing glitz than scientific facts. If they’re not getting advice from health professionals, patients are getting it from someone else. When that happens, the care of that patient transfers out of the hands of their health professional.

Who knows patients better than their health professionals? Who can chart and diagnose their specific ailments and needs, and consider potential drug interactions?

Compare any health professional to the marketing guru, store clerk or blogger whose intentions are all too often not in the best interest of the patient. It’s time to transfer the care of patients back to where it belongs.

Health professionals today are being stretched to their limits both professionally and financially. That is the reason nutraMetrix provides health professionals the ultimate solution, allowing them to offer science-based wellness programs for improving their patients’ health while generating much-needed cash revenue at the same time. Therefore, patients will be receiving clinical guidance from their trusted health professional while obtaining nutraceutical, weight management and customized, advanced supplementation products that can only be purchased by health professionals. With a new cash revenue stream, health professionals are now able to face these challenging financial times with success.

nutraMetrix is a leading force in the healthcare industry, providing wellness solutions through education, weight management, customized nutrition and personalized service. nutraMetrix provides a system for health professionals to seamlessly integrate advanced nutraceuticals into their practice.

Please contact me with additional questions about how nutraMetrix can benefit your patients and your practice.

Jonathan Glassman - Independent Market America Distributor