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Keep your car looking and running like new with Autoworks High Performance Auto Care. Many auto detailing products contain chemicals and additives that, over time, can be harmful to your car's appearance and the environment. But Autoworks is an eco-friendly car care line that is not only powerful enough for any job, but also gently maintains your car's exterior and interior with eco-friendly ingredients.

Most add-in fuel treatments either boost octane levels or clean one portion of the fuel system, both of which provide less than a one percent increase in gas mileage. Plus, conventional lubricants cannot properly protect against poor engine performance, increased oil consumption and dry starts. But Friction Free 3000 Engine Treatment and Autoworks Fuel Enhancer work together to improve engine performance, increase fuel mileage and reduce emissions, saving you time and money. From your car's exterior and tires to the dashboard and windshield - Autoworks has you covered.

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