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Confident. Energetic. Fit. This is the person you are, whether you know it or not. And we're here to help. TLS Weight Loss Solution is about retraining your mind and body to think healthier so you can live healthier.

TLS emphasizes a low-glycemic approach to eating, which helps keep your blood sugar levels where they need to be. When your blood sugar is high, it's nearly impossible for your body to burn fat. Following a low-glycemic diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, beans, lean proteins, dairy and healthy fats helps maintain normal blood sugar levels, leading to weight loss, increased energy, decreased cravings and improved mood. It's about eating right, not eating less.

Following the TLS system will also help you understand your behaviors and what triggers your hunger pangs, helping you overcome your weight loss obstacles. TLS focuses on your body composition instead of the scale. By building your body this way, you get fitter and healthier in addition to shedding pounds.

Plus, you won't be alone any step of the way. TLS offers support to help you reach your goals. With help from TLS Certified Trainers, low-glycemiccustomizable meal plans and supplements to help target specific weight loss areas and other support materials like an interactive website, videos, free Mobile App, and daily journals, TLS gives you everything you need to meet weight loss goals and maintain this healthier you.

Confident. Energetic. Fit. Looking better, feeling better, doing better. This is the new you with TLS. It's time to show it to the world.

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