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Pet Health Liver & Digestion Support for Cats & Dogs Pet Tincture

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Primary Benefits

  • May act as a detoxifier
  • Helps support liver and digestive health
  • A strong antioxidant and free radical scavenger
  • Supports a healthy immune system

What Makes This Product Unique?

Veterinary digestive supplements are among the most popular health supplements sought out by pet owners for their cats and dogs. Wellness visits, dental cleanings, vaccines and grooming can cost owners nearly $1,000 each year. While many recognize the benefits of detox for our bodies as an important aspect of digestion, helping to maintain a healthy immune system and overall well-being, the same can be true for our pets. It’s only natural for cats and dogs to hunt the occasional rodent, eat or drink from the garden or sneak food or scraps from the trash bin when their owners may not be looking. Even the things you provide your pets to benefit their health, such as pet food, which may include sneaky additives, may cause toxins to build up in their bodies.

Pet Health Liver & Digestion Support for Cats & Dogs Pet Tincture is crafted with 333 mg of milk thistle per dropper to promote the detoxification of the liver and provide antioxidant support to help maintain a healthy immune system. Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) has been utilized for thousands of years to support liver health, by helping to support detoxification. Silymarin, the active flavonoid extracted from the seed of the milk thistle plant, acts as a free radical scavenger which has been shown to contribute to the healthy metabolism of liver cells. The liver has many functions including the filtration of blood, metabolism and detoxification. When toxins build up in the liver it can contribute to stress on the liver, the organ that naturally works to detoxify the body.

While it is hard to know exactly what toxins your pet may encounter every day, they can contribute to toxin build-up within the liver, impacting metabolism and digestion. Completing routine detoxification can help rid the liver of the toxins and support your pet’s health. Pet Health Liver & Digestion Support for Cats & Dogs offers a convenient tincture, formulated with a tasty salmon-flavored oil you can easily sneak into your pet’s favorite food or treat for added digestive and metabolic support.

Offering 333 mg of milk thistle per dropper in a convenient tincture. Help support your cat’s and dog’s liver so those tails can keep wagging!

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Key Ingredients

Milk Thistle Extract (80% Silymarin): 333 mg
Milk thistle is a genus of flowering plants within the daisy family, which includes daisies, chrysanthemums, sunflowers and more. The active compound found in the seeds of milk thistle is known as silymarin, which is a mixture of bioactive phenols known as flavonolignans. Silymarin has antioxidant properties, that which is vital in protecting cells from free radicals.


  1. Why would my dog or cat need liver support?
    The liver performs many functions that keep the body running well. The 3 main functions of the liver are detoxification, filtration of blood and metabolism. One of the most important functions is the detoxification or filtering of toxins from the blood. Toxins may include environmental pollution, detritus, chemicals, pesticides and additives to food. Just like humans, pets benefit from detoxification periodically to ensure the liver is functioning optimally.

  2. What are side effects of this product?
    Do not give to dogs and cats who are pregnant. As with any change, ask your veterinarian first.

  3. What are the directions for use?
    This tincture can be administered to your pet daily or as needed orally or mixed with food. The amount you give your pet is based on your pet’s weight. Shake before use. As with any tincture, the dropper will not be filled, it will contain an air bubble at the top. One dropper is equivalent to 24 drops.

    For cats and dogs less than 25 pounds: 1 dropper
    Dogs 26-50 pounds: 2 droppers
    Dogs 51-74 pounds: 3 droppers
    Dogs >75 pounds: 4 droppers
    (1 dropper = 1 ml or 24 drops)
    333 mg Milk Thistle Extract (80% Silymarin) per dropper.

  4. What are the benefits of tinctures for pets?
    Unlike pills and powders, tinctures make it simple to give your pets an oral dose directly or add it to their food. Most tinctures contain pleasant flavors that encourage pets to cooperate.

  5. What pets would benefit from using the Pet Health Liver & Digestion Support for Cats & Dogs?
    Cats and dogs would benefit from periodic use of Pet Health Liver and Digestion Support for Cats and Dogs to detoxify their liver and maintain healthy digestion. Over time toxins can build up in the liver. Environmental exposure to pesticides, additives to food, room sprays and chemicals are easily absorbed by pets and the liver detoxifies as much as it can. When there is buildup of toxins it is necessary to detoxify the liver.

  6. What are signs that my cat or dog may have issues with their liver?
    The liver supports many functions in the body and aids digestion and metabolism. If your cat or dog needs digestive support or you are concerned with age-related decline- speak to your veterinarian about the benefits of silymarin.

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