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  • Supports a healthy digestive tract
  • Promotes normal healing
  • Supports a strong immune system
  • Promotes digestive comfort
  • Convenient powder packets – great for travel or sharing
No Detectible GMO
No Detectible GMO
Quality Statement (GMP)
Quality Statement (GMP)


Aloe vera naturally contains over 200 biologically active components. Ultimate Aloe™ Powder is derived from whole leaf aloe and retains the qualities of natural occurring aloe vera through a proprietary extraction process called ActivAloe™; isolating and concentrating the most active polysaccharides while removing undesirable components, such as aloin and emodin which may cause digestive upset.

Ultimate Aloe Powder carries the IASC (International Aloe Science Council) seal, certifying the Aloe content and purity. The aloe vera in Ultimate Aloe is harvested and processed according to sanitary manufacturing practices that use specific time and temperature guidelines. This preserves the natural properties of the aloe vera plant so you receive the maximum benefits of the product. Ultimate Aloe’s quality is analyzed for chemical and physical characteristics and in-vitro assays for monitoring biological activity. Ultimate Aloe Powder contains three times more polymers than most commercially available aloe gels and delivers superior support, which our customers can depend on time after time, and with 16 individual powder packets in each box, Ultimate Aloe Powder is easy to carry on the go and share with friends.

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Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Linne Gel
Linne gel is named after the scientist Carl von Linne (Carl Linnaeus), who is given credit for categorizing plants and animals. Linnaeus deemed Aloe to be the genus and vera the species. The type of aloe in our product is Aloe barbadensis Miller. Miller is the person who described and categorized the plant we know as aloe vera.

Aloe Vera is rich in polysaccharides and a source of trace minerals such as iron, copper, calcium, zinc, chromium, manganese, potassium, sodium and magnesium. Minerals are important for the proper functioning of various enzyme systems in metabolic pathways and some minerals act as antioxidants.

Aloe vera promotes healthy digestion by providing natural plant enzymes that break down food. These enzymes include amylase (starch); cellulose (cellulose); lipase (water insoluble lipids); and alkaline phosphatase (proteins).

Poor diet and stress cause the mechanical function of the colon to be disrupted. This leads to intestinal discomfort, incomplete digestion of food, and establishes a favorable environment for foreign bacterial and fungal growth. Aloe supplementation helps support normal gastrointestinal pH. Consumption of aloe vera can promote intestinal comfort after eating.

Label Details

Ultimate Aloe Powder


Dietary Supplement: 16 - 0.18 ounces (5 g) Packets Net Wt 2.8 ounces (80 g)

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Packet (5 g)

Servings per Container: 16

Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value



Total Carbohydrates

5 g


Purified Aloe Powder

(Aloe barbadensis) (leaf)

300 mg


*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000- calorie diet.

**Daily Value not established

Other ingredients:  Maltodextrin, citric acid, natural flavors, silicon dioxide

Directions for use:  Add 1 packet to 4 fluid ounces of water and mix well. Take once daily or as directed by your healthcare provider.

WARNING: If you are currently using any prescription drugs, have an ongoing medical condition, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your healthcare provider before using this product.

CAUTION: Discontinue use in the event of an allergic reaction.


How do I take Ultimate Aloe Powder? 
Pour one packet of Ultimate Aloe Powder into 4 fluid ounces of water and mix well. Take once daily or as directed by your healthcare provider.

How many calories are in one serving of Ultimate Aloe Powder? 
The natural flavor contains 20 calories per serving and the strawberry kiwi flavor contains 25 calories per serving.

Does Ultimate Aloe Powder need to be refrigerated? 
No, it can be stored safely at room temperature.

Is Ultimate Aloe approved by the FDA? 
No. Ultimate Aloe is classified as a dietary supplement, labeled in compliance with FDA regulations.

Why does the taste vary? 
The taste will vary from lot to lot due to the seasonal time of harvest. The sun and the amount of water the plants receive are directly responsible for the ripeness of the plants. Just as with any vegetable, you will have a different taste depending upon the growing process.

I noticed the IASC Seal on the Ultimate Aloe Powder box. What is it and what does it mean for me? 
The seal is a certificate from the International Aloe Science Council (IASC). It demonstrates that the quality of aloe in Ultimate Aloe has been validated and certified by an independent group of professionals. Market America has made a strong commitment to sell a standardized, well-defined, thoroughly tested product that meets the rigid standards of the Council.

What is so important about using whole leaf aloe vera? 
Modern chemical analysis of aloe leaves shows that the active agents that are responsible for the plant’s widely celebrated health properties are concentrated in the green skin (rind) and yellow sap (latex), which is found just under the skin.*

The juice of aloe contains at least 99.1 percent water, which means that the polysaccharides (acemannan and other polypeptides), glycoproteins, and other components constitute less than one percent of the juice. To date, over 200 active components have been identified including fatty acids and immune-supporting compounds.*

Why is the aloin removed from the aloe? 
Fresh whole leaf aloe vera contains aloin, a very powerful laxative, which must be eliminated from the aloe if it is to be used safely as an ingredient in topical products or as a dietary supplement. Aloin is a compound, which is produced from emodin and glucose. When whole leaf aloe is pasteurized and the aloin is eliminated, the aloe is safe for both topical and internal use.

What is the history of aloe vera use in promoting health? 
The idea that Aloe vera can promote health is as old as the Pyramids. It is believed to have originated in the warm, dry climates of northern Africa. It has been found referenced in ancient hieroglyphics, which indicate it was a product that was traded between the Egyptians and the Sumerians as many as 6,000 years ago. It was first described in the Papyrus Ebers, an Egyptian book written between 1553-50 B.C.E. The ground whole leaf of the plant has been used as a health agent or cosmetic ingredient for thousands of years in promoting normal healing and healthy digestion . The soothing powers of aloe vera were used in Persia and India for centuries. In addition, both Chinese and Japanese civilizations have taken advantage of aloe vera’s beneficial properties. Greeks and Romans also used aloe vera in supporting health as early as the first century. Ancient Greeks obtained it from the island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean. In the 10th century C.E., its soothing powers were recommended to the British King Alfred the Great by the Patriarch of Jerusalem. Muslims who have made the pilgrimage to Mecca are entitled to hang an Aloe plant over their doors as a talisman against evil.

If you look at the history of aloe as a topical application or cosmetic ingredient, there are three types of evidence that have been used to support its value, including testimonials, scientific research and chemical analysis. Reports show that as early as the 1930s, the gel was used to soothe burns.

Many individuals apply the gel to minor cuts, abrasions and burns. Aloe vera products enjoy growing public interest. Strong examination of aloe vera continues. Most of the modern research has focused on aloe vera’s ability to support normal healing.

The juice of the plant continues to gain in popularity as an effective health supplement. Hundreds of chemical reports show that aloe vera contains amino acids, enzymes and a large number ofcompounds.*

How does aloe work? 
Aloe vera works because the green skin of the plant produces and the sap stores at least six beneficial health agents: lupeol, salicylic acid, urea nitrogen, cinnamonic acid, phenol and sulfur. In addition, the plant also produces at least 23 proteins (polypeptides) and at least four mannan sugars, which promote the normal regulation of cell growth and support the immune system .

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