• Quick and easy way to dilute essential oils
  • Makes using essential oils topically more comfortable for people with sensitive skin
  • Does not leave a greasy residue behind
  • Cost effective in making your essential oils go further with less drops
  • Colorless
  • Odorless


Do you enjoy taking in the benefits essential oils can bring to your senses? Essential oils can be great ways to promote mood enhancement. However, because essential oils are naturally potent and concentrated, topical use can be overpowering to sensitive skin. To make essential oils milder, carrier oils are often used as a diluter. Royal Spa® Fractionated Coconut Oil is an ideal carrier oil for the Royal Spa® line of Essential Oils. 

Carrier oils are absorbable oils from plant sources that are used to carry essential oils comfortably onto the skin. Carrier oils are generally neutral in scent and don’t change the characteristics of the essential oil. In addition to diluting essential oils, carrier oils can also be used to ease skin irritation caused by essential oils; mix with essential oils when massaged into the skin; and, to hydrate the skin. 


What is fractionated coconut oil?
Fractionated coconut oil is predominantly composed of capric and caprylic triglyceride, a mixed compound of coconut oil and glycerin. Neutral in smell, it is liquid at room temperature – unlike pure coconut oil. In fractionated coconut oil, the oil has been processed and removed of all long chain fatty acids, leaving only medium chain fatty acids.

How do I use Essential Oils by Royal Spa® Fractionated Coconut Oil?
Dilute your essential oils to your desired potency in your Essential Oils by Royal Spa® roller bottle. 

Can I ingest Essential Oils by Royal Spa® Fractionated Coconut Oil?
No. This product is for external use only. It is NOT for oral consumption. 

Are there any contraindications or warnings for this product?
Keep out of reach of children and pets. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes, mucus membrane and lip area. Do not use in food, drink or any other product designed for internal consumption. If pregnant, nursing or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. May cause skin irritation. Store in tight container in a cool, dark place (60°F to 78°F). 

Will fractionated coconut oil stain fabrics?
Fractionated coconut oil will not stain fabrics alone. However, since it is often mixed with another essential oil, be sure the oil/mixture is completely absorbed into skin before dressing or letting fabrics come into contact with skin. 

Can fractionated coconut oil cause skin irritation?
Fractionated Coconut Oil does not typically cause skin irritation, but we suggest testing a small area before applying to the entire surface. 

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